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This is it.

This is it.

"Everything's going to be OK.

What do you mean 'going to be'?  This is it. This is as good as it gets...  This might be the best moment of your life. How much better do you want it?

Not much.

So.. enjoy it.

Thanks for the tip."

This bit of dialogue is from the rather turgid Being Human - a Robin Williams film from 1994. I only recall this scene, because I jotted it down. It strikes me that in spite of the passage of time, this simple sentiment still applies.

Pete sent me this video tonight, and it made me smile. My little girls return from their month away in the UK soon, and it's been a long stretch without them around.

I'm looking forward to their noise, chaos and having life thrown at me through their eyes. I don't say that as any saintly father, for there's no doubt that being a parent is a constant challenge.

But it has always been this way.

Our future-focused rose tinted glasses and self-imposed 'busyness' often deflect us from the simplest of realities.

That, this is indeed it.

Here's to paying attention to the moments so that the life matters.

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