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Susan Sarandon Said

"... and hold your children tonight"
Susan Sarandon Said

We were at the Embassy,
a crew screening

Susan said, "Watch this, then go home... "

Uncle Ritch said, with a laugh and a croak,
"I got treated to a manicure today, that probably makes me a bit of a poof"

He meant my Mum, who was up visiting for the final time
She'd been looking after him he said

And that out of the bad, many good things could come
he said

He was on the phone,
at home waiting for his body to stop
Bucket list done
Now just living each day

"Don't call me Uncle any more mate, I'm just Ritch"

Except that soon he won't be

What's that Boo? I said
It was breakfast, a messy rush into the day.
Coco-pops for her and coffee for me

"That's a dinosaur Dad, a dinosaur called Happy"
Oh yeah, I said,
what's he doing on your paper there

"Well, he went to the pool Dad, to have a drink, because he's thirsty"
"He's the colored up one... wait Dad, I have to do the dinosaur stomp"

So she did, a little two step-half-step stomp around the kitchen,
While I realized I'd forgotten to email the office about that thing

What about those, I said
"Those? Those are teeny tiny feet Dad,
because there's not much space on the page"

And that, what's that, I said,
checking the phone for the meeting time, Is that a tree

There was a look

"Dad, don't be silly, that's me, dressed as a dinosaur."


Yeah mate, as I glanced at my watch

"Your Uncle Ritch is going to die soon isn't he?"

Yes B.
Yes he is

"I hope you don't go away soon Dad."

Susan said,
"... and hold your children tonight"

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