"The road was our school. It gave us a sense of survival; it taught us everything we know and out of respect we don't want to drive it into the ground..... or maybe it's just superstition but the road has taken a lot of the great ones. It's a goddamn impossible way of life."

-- The Last Waltz

My name is Tim Kong.

I came to teaching when I entered my 30's.

Before then I was a video roadie for these brothers, these guys, and for the briefest of times, this guy. I also got paid by these costumed gents and had my ears damaged by these two.

Teaching was an opportunity to get off the road and to let go of a lifestyle that while fun, and full of friendships fleeting and famously fickle; can be a dead end. Highly specialised, but of no use to anyone outside the industry. I didn't want to be that 50 year old roadie with a beer gut and greying pony tail, telling stories about the good old days.

And I say that with all due respect to the 50 year old roadies I know.

I completed a Teaching diploma at Wellington College of Education in 2004, and began my teaching at Avalon Intermediate in 2005.  I taught there for 3 years, in a mixed Year 7-8 class. In 2008, I moved to Seatoun School, where I have taught Year 5-6 as well as Year 7-8.

In January 2015 I moved to work as Training Lead at Network For Learning - where I helped to translate the really complex technical tools and services that make up the Managed Network into stories and content that make sense to teachers and leaders in schools.

In June of 2016, I returned to the school sector, taking up the role of Deputy Principal at Thorndon School.

I am constantly blown away by the opportunities, options, frustrations and endless paperwork that is part and parcel of working in public education. No day is ever the same - and it's a constant challenge to be adjusting and learning from the day - and having the courage to apply it to the next day's lessons.

This blog is personal in the sense that I write it - but it's a mixture of thoughts, comments and perspectives on those things that interest me. There's politics, arts, sports, education, technology, and cultural musings along with the occasional rant.

My thoughts and words are not those of my school, my employer, my union, or my colleagues.

They are mine.

As Stewart Brand said many moons ago, 'You Own Your Own Words' - which means they are my right and my responsibility.

Feel free to hold me to that.