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leading within systems

thoughts on leadership, on power and imbalance, on reflecting and refining, on authenticity and generosity and on honouring the people.
leading within systems

I took part in this One Team Gov workshop and presented a small talk, just over a year ago - in February of 2020.

I had only been in the role as Programme Manager, leading the Pacific Virtual Museum project for about a eight weeks and we hadn't even started the workshop and design processes for what would become digitalpasifik.org.

My presentation was simply a reflection of some of the thoughts that I'd been considering as I prepared to start the work.

Less than a month later we of course in New Zealand went into our first Covid-19 lockdown, and globally the impact of the pandemic has been wide ranging in the months since. And continues to be so.

It's a bit spooky watching this a year removed from the talk and listening to it through the lens of the presence of the pandemic, and to hear myself finish with the reminder to all in the Zoom chat to "... look after your families and look after yourself."

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