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ULearn 1 - An analog reflection

I wanted to sit down after three days of uLearn - and reflect on what I've seen, heard, felt and experienced. It's been an interesting 3 days - on balance for me personally an uneven experience, but one that I'm still considering and mulling over.

As I've sat down, I've checked my twitter feed, and from my mate Paul, this beautiful video emerges.

There is so much analog beauty in this video, it's pure and wonderful.

It is I think a beautiful metaphor for what learning can and should be, and even for how we should be as learners. It captures so much of what I feel can be left out in our pursuit of digital learning, digital expression and embedded digital/ICT use. The video is about a substance that is apparently being left behind in our rush towards the future. But in the clip I see passion, craftsmanship, precision, attention to detail and pride in a simple yet essential creative process. All of those attributes are so crucial to our learners, to our young people today.

How are we modelling those attributes in our classrooms? In our staffrooms? To our students? To our communities?

Stephen Heppell demanded that we be "ambitious" for our students.

There is much ambition and effort and passion on display in this video, and it is glorious.

Are our classrooms the same glorious places?

How will 1600 teachers and principals be making their learning places more glorious starting on Monday?

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