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Top Gun as a model for continual change.

Invest in students and teachers. Institutionalize change. Own successes and failures.
Top Gun as a model for continual change.

Have just watched this fantastic video from the Gel Conference.

David Harris is a former Top Gun instructor, and he describes the management and training practices that the fabled institution is based on.

He never actually refers to the movie by name - and explains at the end how it's a $25 fine if any instructor even refers to it.

Key points:

  • Investing heavily in students AND teachers.
  • Institutionalize change.
  • Group ownership of results - the successes and failures.

He talks of the process of their learning, the 3:1 instructor to student ratio, the planning and debriefing that takes place.

There are no 'personal programs' or individual development plans - the credibility of the institution is based on it's ability to reflect and change constantly. It's based on 40 years of embedded training and expert knowledge.

He speaks with the composure of someone with confidence in the learning process they've developed, but with an honesty and openness to make change happen when required, to meet the needs of their institution.

Can we say the same of the schools in our country?

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