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T2 - Week 5

It's been an interesting week.

Started off last weekend getting involved in some copyright issues over on PAS - which made me think some about what we're doing at school. Or not doing.

Then Monday was grandparents day - with about 8 or 10 grandparents coming to spend the morning with students in my class. It was a bit of a challenge, as we had an extra 150 bodies around the school, but the students were really generous with their time and helped out. I invited those in the class to share what it was like when they were at school. Stories were told of walking to school, drinking warm milk, of being hit for being left handed, specifically, whacked with a wooden pencil case until their hands bled - by the teacher! Our school hui was full with all those extra people, and the Year 3&4 students did a fine job.

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur - I was out of classroom on release. It was good to be able to be at home for a day, helping out with Bella and working on a bit of planning. Thursday was my IT release and the aim was to install a new 24 port switch, to replace the one that failed last week. The switch included a rack mount kit - but apparently if you're Cisco that doesn't include a set of 4 screws to mount the switch to the rack. Typical. A 60 minute drive to Petone later - the switch was all mounted. We're still having disappearing printer issues around school, and several laptop and profile issues. My big task of setting up the OSX server and building the 15 new Macbooks for the student use is still sitting and waiting. Oh yeah - and the email server is flaking out at intermittent times. I think the new eTrust software is causing all sorts of port blocks, but I've not had time to try and isolate the issues.

It is Queens' Birthday weekend, so we've got Monday off - perhaps one or two of those IT jobs that have nothing to do with my teachers salary can get done then.

It's meant to rain - again, and blow up a southerly gale - again, so I'm happy to stay indoors and relax as much as I can until then. Isabella's good for helping me do that. Hoping to catch up with friends for brunch and/or a coffee as well. 

Speaking of storms though - check this footage from the south coast. Brilliant!

Storm in slow motion from David Frampton on Vimeo.

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