playing favourites
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playing favourites

playing favourites

I was invited onto Kim Hill's Saturday Morning show, for the weekly session known as Playing Favourites. I was asked to chat about my former life before coming into teaching, and then there was about 10 minutes of discussion on the state of education in NZ. I think I was a bit uncertain on some of my responses, but I really enjoyed the experience.

That's the recording of the hour, however due to copyright reasons, RNZ can't include the songs I chose. Kim does intro them and the three played were:

I had also selected the Pixies - Wave of Mutilation UK Surf, but we ran out of time.

My 3 year old had been confused when I told her on Friday night that I was going to be on the radio. Her suitably sobering response to my enthusiasm was simply, "Whats a radio?"

So rather than any self-critical review I might give myself here is her running commentary during the show, as recorded by my wife, Karen.

Show starts

B: "It’s so exciting."

B: pointing to radio "Is that the radio?"

B: pointing to the radiator "Is that a radio?"

B: "How did Daddy get there, in the silver car or in Scooby?"
Karen: "In the silver car."
B: "Are we looking after Scooby?"

B: "Why are they laughing?"

Pause as Kim intros first song

B: "Why have they stopped talking?"
K: "They are going to play a song Daddy likes."

First song plays

B: "What is that noise?"
K: "It is music, a song Daddy picked."
B: "I hope he doesn’t listen to that at home, it is silly."

Second part of interview

B: Having lost interest : "What colour house did Daddy live in when he was a baby?"

More interview

B: "That’s my Daddy talking."

B: "I wish I could go on holiday on the radio."
K: "You don’t go on holiday on the radio."
B: "What do you do on the radio? Do you hop on the radio?"

Second song is played..

B likes Tiny Dancer. Dancing to it.

B singing: “Manchie, manchie we can dance”

Third part of interview - the bit about education

B now dressed in her wetsuit.

B: "Can we go to the beach?"

So on Sunday we did go to the beach.

It was brilliant.

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