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Oh, happy day

So, now I can watch the antics, do what little I can to influence opinions, hope for the best outcome, and ride the wave and take pictures as it passes.
Oh, happy day

It's November 6th and in two days the US election will be held.

The election cycle has felt a little bit like this if I'm honest.

That's all of us as Hudson.

A few months back, I received an email from a good friend in the States, and their words placed much into perspective.

"As for politics and people, there’s no solution, but some solace in remembering, as bad as things may seem, nothing is new, but things slowly progress and get better. I was always fascinated with Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations because it was chronological. And you didn’t get far into it to realize there have always been more stupid people than smart, politics has always been slimy, and the end of the world has always been right around the corner.
“You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner.”

That’s Aristophanes in 424 B.C. I rest my case.
Having that perspective makes it easier for me to ignore most all of what goes on, because I’ve seen it amount to so little time and time again.
Being in my 75th year helps, too. I’ve seen and heard politicians spouting the same horseshit so many times it means nothing any more. It’s all so vapid it makes me cringe; I don’t understand how they can spew it over and over again. Every election has been “the most important in our lifetime.” Not.
In fact, approaching 75, the concept of living forever – and having to watch this ignorant parade in perpetuity – has no appeal at all. It amazes me that we can be so clever and so utterly stupid at the same time.
I’ve always been thankful I escaped my Southern home town. People used to say, “Come back! It’s changed! You’ll see.” So I’d go back, and, sure enough, there were new buildings and roads and restaurants – but the people were exactly the same ignorant, racist, religious wingnuts I had left behind.
Working outside the USA helped my perspective because I was gone so long and was so busy I couldn’t “keep up” with what was going on here. I’d come home after months or years away, and, lo, things would be basically the same – the same stores, the same people working in them, the same day-to-day routine. One of the few noticeable changes I remember was stoplights having been changed to LEDs. That’s it.
I knew the daily sturm und drang had been going on while I was gone – all the usual drama and posing, the breathless “news,” the latest trends, etc. – but now I could literally see the results of all that shit, and they were nothing. Nothing!
So, now I can watch the antics, do what little I can to influence opinions, hope for the best outcome, and ride the wave and take pictures as it passes.
The pendulum swings – always has – and Scalia is dead.
And, as sad as it is to see how many rabid, hate-filled, ignorant followers he has, it appears The Donald will get his ass smashed in November.
Oh, happy day."

Cheers Jay

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