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Looking back.


I was thinking the other day, that as I'm in my fourth year of teaching, I've now been in this occupation longer than I toured. Which is a little bit odd really, as I still feel like the road is where I got my start in life, and where I learned a lot that I now bring to teaching.

I still feel really young and inexperienced at the teaching game and wonder what I'm missing, what I should be doing, how I could be doing things better, or what I should be learning next. There's always something more to learn, to read, to do, to think about, to sort or to organise.

Which is fantastic. I really love the challenge of each day being full of the unexpected. Despite all the best planning and management.

But then I see a show like this one, and I miss the touring. I miss the creative buzz of putting a project together, that just for that one moment or 90 minutes, blows a mass of punters away. To be stand on a stage and be part of something that just simply rocks - and makes people let the smiles wash over them - that was indeed a special way to spend a day.

Hat tip to the Hodgson for sending me the link - and for being a link to all that that is.

Etienne de Crecy live

Image is of the bro - who still keeps it on the straight.

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