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Is Jordan Spieth a failure?

Is Jordan Spieth a failure?

Jordan Spieth's quadruple bogey seven on the 12th hole at Augusta is dominating all the headlines right now.

His efforts on that hole, will be probably more widely discussed than those of Danny Willett - who was brilliantly accompanied by his brother PJ Willett on Twitter.

What's probably going to be missed though is the fact that Spieth went on to birdie two more holes in his round of 18. In fact he birdied the 13th, the very next hole.


It wasn't enough to peg it back, and challenge Danny Willett for the win. But to my mind it does demonstrates a fantastic mental strength, to back up and continue despite the crushing sense of failure, anger and stress.

That's a story in and of itself.

Useful to remember, amongst all the headlines of "collapse/failure/implosion/choker" that this is a 22 year old, who in the last three Masters tournaments has finished 2nd, 1st, and 2nd.

A 22 year old who just banked $880,000 for the week's work.

'Failure', like success is all a bit relative at times.

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