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A slice of a Twitter story...

This came across my timeline tonight.

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And I was struck by what a fantastic opportunity it'd be for a teacher to place this tweet in front of students with some challenge questions.

  • If you could interview Hossein Derakhshan, what would you ask him?
  • Consider how life would have changed for Hossein. What could you learn about Iran - from a social, cultural, political perspective - in the time that he was imprisoned.
  • Follow Hossein on Twitter, and read his timeline since this slice of his history. Write a biography of his time since he's been released.
  • Explore the blogosphere of Iranian writers. Explore the world they capture - choose a particular blogger, or a select a series of bloggers who write about a particular topic, and consider how they are similar/different to NZ.

As someone who's no longer in a classroom, I'm probably not following all the "proper" ways of aligning tasks with recognised assessment methods - but I love the small but incredible story captured in this one tweet - and see it as a fantastic way of expanding student's horizons.

Hossein has also written this thoughtful article, The Web We Have to Save, which would also be a challenging read for any students to consider in a digital citizenship type unit of work - as they consider digital media, culture and power.

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