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Halfway to halfway.

Agendas are due out on Wednesday.

Twenty five written agendas to guide 25 minute conversations with parents who just really want to know what their child can work on, and what they can do for them.

At week 6 in the term, I have to assess work for a conversation at week 9 - and have to give up class time get the students to prepare their bit.

Tomorrow we have an orchestra playing for an hour, 8 of my students will be at Eastern Zone Cross Country, on Thursday it's the science fair, and then with my half day of ICT release I'll be out working on the server so we can send out the 15 Macbooks. Friday will be my photography class and teaching languages. We have hui on Friday morning.

My class felt like a Fellini film today - but in fast forward. I was half-expecting a juggling dwarf on a unicycle to appear in the middle and read out a note from the office.

I despair that my students are incapable of concentrating on one thing long enough to do that one thing to the best of their ability. They struggle to copy information from a board, to follow instructions, to even listen to the instruction. I asked them to "Put your chairs up, tidy up your desk area, and have a good afternoon." .... five minutes later some of them are still milling around and one of them says "Are we meant to go home now?"

I asked one of them "What's 40 divided by 10?"

He looked at me blankly and slightly stunned and said, "I didn't have my hand up."


But then I see our schedule and I wonder if schools aren't half the problem - we demand so much - and don't give them time to do the one thing. Which makes me feel even more suckful.

I dunno - it was definitely a Daniel Powter day.

"Where is the moment we needed the most   
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost   
You tell me your blue skies fade to grey.  
You tell me your passion's gone away   
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