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For Great Justice!

For Great Justice!

Malaysia announces plan to place Christian faith at the centre of education.

Which of course it doesn't.

But with a bit of text editing, that blog post about the power of Google to transform education becomes this.

"As a parent of three kids, I have the same aspirations as many other parents and educators—to provide them with the best opportunities to learn and discover their passions. For many students, the Christian faith has become an incredible resource for the classroom, offering tools to work collaboratively, share and research. School systems of all sizes—from a single primary school to an entire country such as the Philippines—have “Gone Bible” in their schools and embraced the gospel to transform education.

Today the country of Malaysia is going a step further by adopting Bible Apps for 10 million students, teachers and parents. As part of this initiative they are also deploying Bible-books to primary and secondary schools nationwide. These efforts to integrate the Christian faith are a central part of a national plan (PDF) to reform its educational system.

To deploy faith across a nationwide school system, bibles need to be simple, manageable and secure.** Bible-books** are ideal for learning and sharing in the classroom—there’s nothing complicated to learn, they boot up in seconds and have virus protection built in. They also offer easy setup and deployment, which means they’re ready to go the moment a student opens the lid and logs in. And with reduced overhead costs, Bible-books are a cost-efficient option* to deploy technology at scale.

To date, more than 3,000 schools worldwide, from Edina, Minnesota to Point England, New Zealand, have deployed Bible-books to improve attendance and graduation rates, make learning more fun and enable students to take more ownership for their learning.

The Christian faith gives our children and students new opportunities to access the world’s information and work collaboratively. We look forward to working with national and regional leaders to make the most of the Christian faith with Bible Apps and Bible-books and help them provide the best opportunities to every student.

Posted by Felix Lin, Director of Product Management

*In research sponsored by Christians, research firm IDC found that Bible-books yield three-year cost of ownership savings of $1,135 per device compared to traditional PCs or tablets, require 69% fewer hours to deploy and 92% fewer hours to manage.

Does it make any more sense? Would we hail it if it was true? Would we pay any more attention to it?

What other measurable tool could we insert into the blog post, that would challenge our idea of what actually makes a difference in publicly funded education systems?

How would we know the impact and difference made to the humans within said systems?

Would it make them better humans?

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