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a start

In December of 2007 I learned that Marie Clay was my second cousin, once removed. Which is quite distant I suppose as relations go. But still, it was a buzz to know that I was related to one of the world's most renowned teachers.

I got sent a copy of The Journal of Reading Recovery dedicated to her, which closed with extracts from a poem by Maya Angelou.

My wish for you

Is that you continue


To be who and how you are

To astonish a mean world

With your acts of kindness


To allow your humor to lighten the burden

Of your tender heart


To put the mantle of your protection

Around the bodies of

The young and defenseless


To ignore no vision

Which comes to enlarge your range

And increase your spirit


To dare to love deeply

And risk everything

For the good thing


And by doing so

You and your work

Will be able to continue


That's what I hope this will be about.

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